Your Treatment with The Bowen Technique

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The Bowen Technique (Bowen Therapy) is most often performed on a treatment couch just like your typical massage couch. For those unable to do so, Bowen Therapy can be done on seated patients such as those in wheel chairs or for those who have an injury or condition that prevents them getting on a couch and of course for Mothers-To-Be.

Your treatment will consist of sequences of gentle moves performed on skin, each at specific locations on the body. These groups of moves are called 'procedures'. These precise and gentle moves send vibrational messages along the nerve pathways to the brain. During the procedures there are pauses, or small breaks. These breaks are essential to Bowen Therapy in that they leave adequate time to assist the muscles in integration of the appropriate changes necessary before commencing the next Bowen moves.

Each Bowen Therapy session will last approximately 40 - 50 minutes, depending on the problem and sets of procedures performed by the therapist. The initial consultation however is 60 minutes. THis is because a Case History is necessary.

How much treatment will I need?

In most cases 3 - 4 sessions are sufficient to achieve lasting relief. Long term pain however, may require further treatments. Bowen Therapy can also be utilised as preventative treatment as well as relaxation.

Is it Painful?

Bowen Therapy is very gentle and can be performed on babies as young as a few days old through to the elderly.

After Your Treatment

After your Bowen Therapy treatment it is very important to DRINK PLENTY OF WATER, WALK AROUND EVERY HALF HOUR (for at least a minute) and to AVOID EXCESSIVE HEAT to the areas that have been treated.

important note

To achieve maximum benefit, it is recommended that other complimentary/physical therapies are not mixed with the Bowen technique. These are not limited to but include: massage, reflexology, osteopathy, chiropractic treatment, physiotherapy and acupuncture.

Reactions to treatment

Hot or cold flushes, headaches, dizziness, tiredness, body aches and emotional releases are just some of the reactions experienced by clients. These are very normal. You may experience any of these reactions at any time during your treatment and up to several days after your treatment. These are what are termed a 'Healing Crisis' and is a positive sign that your body is healing.

If in any doubt please contact your therapist immediately!

Therapist performs the Advanced WEST shoulder move - used frequently for Frozen Shoulder treatment.

Have you recently had a Bowen Treatment?
Download Maheono's 'After Treatment care' sheet.

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