Torticollis treated by The Bowen Technique

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What is torticollis?

Torticollis is twisting of the neck causing the head to be tilted and fixed in an abnormal position (wry neck). It is a congenital or acquired condition of limited neck motion in which a child/adult will hold the head to one side with the chin pointing to the opposite side.

The cause is usually a minor neck injury which irritates cervical (relating to the neck) nerves , leading to muscle spasm. This can be caused in adults by sleeping in an awkward position or twisting your neck in an awkward position to your back. It is also common in children and can be caused by a neck-muscle injury at birth.

Torticollis is the result of the shortening of the sternocleidomastoid (neck) muscle.

How is torticollis treated?

Conventionall treatment consists of gentle stretching exercises and a neck brace. The excercises may consist of turning your face away from the affected muscle whith the head tilted in the opposite direction with the neck extended. This position is held for a count of 5 and repeated around ten times twice daily.

bowen therapy and torticollis

So how does Bowen Therapy treat Torticollis? Firstly, The Bowen Technique treats the body as a whole, so no matter which procedures are being performed, it is working on a cellular level. Specifically, there are several Bowen procedures which work the shoulders and neck and in particular a set of moves which gently manipulate the Sternocleidomastoid muscles. These moves are performed right over the Sternocleidomastoids and release tension within the muscle - many clients have felt a great release the instant these moves are performed. There are also a number of other moves performed in and around the head and neck which aid in the treatment of Torticollis.

Generally, Torticollis can be treated in under three Bowen Sessions - permanently.



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