Sciatica treated by The Bowen Technique

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The Sciatic nerve is the largest single nerve in the body. It runs from each side of the lower spine deep into the buttock all the way down to the foot.

Injury to the sciatic nerve and its branches generally results in a condition called sciatica. Sciatic pain can extend from the buttock down the posterior (back side) of the leg and into the foot.

Bowen Therapy Technique treating sciaticaSciatic pain generally radiates into the buttocks and back of the thigh and calf, and may also extend down to the foot. Numbness, tingling, burning and prickling sensations around these areas are common symptoms of Sciatica. Sciatic pain has often been described as a sharp pain or an electrical-like shock starting in the buttock that travels down the back of thigh and leg.

Causes of Sciatica
A Herniated (slipped) disc, osteoarthritis of the lumbosacral spine, dislocated hip or pressure on the lower spine are all causes of sciatica.

Sciatica seems to affect more people over the age of 30 and can affect one or both sides of the body at the same time. Many people have experienced Sciatica for no apparent reason ie. no accident or fall or osteoarthritis.

Bowen therapy and treating Sciatica

The great news is that Bowen treatment works fantastically with Sciatic Pain, with most clients responding very quickly to the treatment and in much less pain within hours of treatment.


As with a Herniated Disc, Sciatic pain is treated in a similar way, using a similar procedure.

Generally, most clients only need two Bowen Therapy sessions to treat Sciatic pain.

Read the Testimonials and Case Study section of the web site to view one clients experience with Sciatica and treatment with Bowen Therapy.

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