Frozen Shoulder treated by The Bowen Technique

frozen shoulder

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If you’re having trouble lifting your arm above your head, reaching across your body or behind your back then you may have a problem with the range of motion in your shoulder. Limited motion can be an early symptom of a frozen shoulder, often termed 'acute capsulitis'.

Frozen shoulder can be defined as stiffness and pain in the shoulder that makes normal movement of the joint impossible. In severe cases the shoulder may be completely rigid or frozen (hence the name of this condition) and the pain can be intense.

Who can it affect?

  • It seems to affect 40+ year olds
  • More common in women
  • Five times more common in diabetics

Cause of Frozen Shoulder
The cause of Frozen Shoulder is thought to stem from an injury to the shoulder, but often appears for no apparent reason. Some theories are that it is a hormonal disorder due to the increased numbers of females with Frozen Shoulder. Another theory is that the cause is bad posture; the rounded shoulder posture over time causes a shortening of one of the ligaments.

Symptoms of Frozen Shoulder
Symptoms include but are not limited to:

  • Sharp pain in and around the shoulder lasting up to a minute
  • Increased pain levels at night
  • interrupted sleep patterns due to pain
  • causes of pain can be:
    • reaching into your back pocket
    • putting on a jacket or coat
    • lifting arms alongside your body
    • pain when doing up a bra
  • restricted movement - eg unable to lift arms straight out and above your head

Bowen Therapy and Frozen Shoulder treatment
Bowen Therapy has been incredibly successful in treating Frozen Shoulder and a lot of cases have been permanently treated in under 4 sessions.

why choose Bowen Therapy to treat Frozen Shoulder?
Bowen Therapy's greatest success has been in treating Frozen Shoulder. A majority of Clients find immediate relief after the first session and generally only need up to three more sessions to treat the condition permanently.

Note: Long term pain may need further sessions.

Those who have suffered with Frozen Shoulder and have been diagnosed by their GP, or by a Physiotherapist find Bowen Therapy more effective in treating the pain and condition than Physiotherapy or Chiropractic treatment. A Bowen treatment is gentle, non-manipulative and relaxing and will last approximately 40 - 50 min's per session.

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