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carpal tunnel syndrome

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a condition of the wrists. It is a condition that results from compression of the median nerve which runs through the middle of the wrist through a group of bones called the carpals. In the tunnel that the median runs is also a group of tendons that are covered by a ligament called the transverse ligament. Carpal Tunnel is caused by the swelling of the membranes (tendon sheaths of bursae) that surround and lubricate the tendons as they glide in the tunnel.

Who can it affect?

  • more often women
  • more often 30+ years of age ct
  • can be a common symptom of pregnancy

Cause of carpal tunnel syndrome
A common cause of carpal tunnel syndrome is repetitive motion of the hands and fingers (i.e. typing, graphic work on pc's, factory work). Carpal Tunnel is often found in pregnant women due to the excess fluid in the body (this usually resolves after pregnancy).

Symptoms include but are not limited to:

  • Numbness in the hand and/or finger tips
  • Disturbed sleep
  • Pain in the hand or wrist which occurs with the use of the hand
  • Pins and needles in the finger tips
  • Radiating pain in the forearm
  • Symptoms generally worsen at night

Bowen Therapy and carpal tunnel syndrome
Bowen Therapy has it's own specific procedure called the 'carpal tunnel' procedure. This procedure relaxes the muscles in the forearm allowing for greater blood flow throughout the arm. This releases the pressure on the median nerve. There are also several other procedures which work around the hand, wrist and arm which treats carpal tunnel. Many clients have had great success with all symptoms disapearing permanently after only 3 or 4 sessions of Bowen Therapy.

why choose Bowen Therapy to treat carpal tunnel?
For years now Bowen Therapy has saved numerous wrists from being surgically operated on. The conventional treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome quite commonly begins with steroid injections into the wrist which helps to reduce inflammation temporarily. In some cases surgery is required involving a small incision in the palm and wrist to release the medial nerve from the trapped space. This surgery does not necessarily work permanently and there is no guarentee that this condition may not return in the same wrist.

Bowen Therapy has saved many wrists from surgery. For those suffering with carpal tunnel Bowen Therapy is a cheap and extremely effective treatment that may just save your wrist from the knife.


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