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Over 2.5 million people experience back pain everyday including children. It is the most common reason for visiting your GP; four out of five adults will experience lower back pain at some point in their life.

Causes of back pain are varied and in some cases very complex. Our spine has 24 individual bony segments better known as vertebrae.

Causes of back pain can be:

  • Irritation of nerves
  • Muscles may be strained
  • The bone, ligaments or joints may be damaged or injured
  • The intervertebral disc may be injured, and
  • Poor posture

The most common back pain is usually caused by strained muscles. These strains tighten around the spine and can 'pull' the vertebrae away from its normal position. This can then lead to all sorts of complaints within the body from headaches to kidney problems.

Our spine has thousands of nerves stemming from each vertebrae which affect our entire body (see Your Spine). A shift in your vertebrae will cause disturbances within other areas of the body - not just back pain.

In today's modern society with computers and desk based jobs our bodies do not get the daily physical attention it needs, to stay in optimum health. Did you know that your heavy wallet in your back pocket puts a strain on your back?

Bowen Therapy and the treatment of back pain
Bowen Therapy has successfully treated cases of back pain including herniated discs. In fact back pain is probably one of the most common disorders Bowen Therapists treat.

There have been may cases of people who have suffered sporadic and unexplained back pain for years. Then, after only two sessions of Bowen Therapy, have been pain free.

It is vital we see the importance of back care not just with proper posture but we must also be aware of the little things we can do to assist our backs like:

alternate the pocket you put your wallet in.
Not only those back pockets, but also your jacket pockets. This way you give both sides of the body a chance to stretch.

get out of the car with both feet on the ground.
Turn from the car swinging both legs out of the door at the same time. This spreads the pressure evenly onto the pelvis.

stretch in the morning.
Basic stretches when you get out of bed wake up your spine.

never sit for long periods.
Every 30mins your body needs a wake up call. Stand and walk around. Even one minutes worth will help your spine.

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