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The recommended products on this page have been tried and tested by Maheono and/or its clients. It is the personal opinions of these people only and are printed as a guide for others.


Understanding the Bowen Technique by John WilksUnderstanding the Bowen Technique
In November 2004 Understanding the Bowen Technique by John Wilks (now in its second print) was launched in the United Kingdom and has since sold around 10,000 copies.

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Your Bodies Many Cries for Water

Your Body's Many Cries For Water
This is the medical discovery that Iranian-born Dr Batmangheldj outlines in this book - and if we drank more water daily, he says, many degenerative diseases could be prevented and sometimes cured. Dr Batmanaghelidj first discovered the curative powers of water in a crowded Tehran prison where he was held during the 1979 revolution. The only medic among 3,000 terrified prisoners, in desperation he prescribed a single glass of water for an inmate dying of intense stomach pain - and the man recovered within minutes. In that moment, he asserts, "a new era in the advancement of medical science was born".

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