The Bowen Technique - Gentle and Effective



Have you heard of Bowen Therapy?  If you are suffering back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain physical injury, RSI, migraines or headaches, then you must read on.

Therapy with attitude

A complementary therapy for treating various mind and body conditions has arrived in the UK from Down Under and it has attitude.  Bowen Therapy, the original Bowen Technique, treats many conditions in just 3-4 treatments only; unlike Physiotherapy or Chiropractic treatment which can be a lengthy ordeal. Bowen Therapy is a gentle yet powerful therapy which helps various musculoskeletal, respiratory and digestive disorders as well as stress.  It is beneficial as a relaxation therapy and tests have shown it also improves sporting performance.

Unique ability to heal immediately

Bowen Therapy is unique in the fact that it is one of the worlds first treatments which has IMMEDIATE results with most conditions including sporting injuries and long term pain. It has also been effective with chronic conditions such as ME and MS as well as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Treatable conditions

So what does Bowen Therapy treat?  See treatable conditions page.

Bowen Stimulates The Body’s Own Resources To Naturally Heal

Bowen Therapy uses a series of soft tissue moves performed over muscles, tendons and ligaments. These moves stimulate energy flow which releases tension and strain empowering the body's own resources to naturally reset and heal itself.

"It is one of the world’s most exciting therapies" says Zania Ballentine from Maheono in Yateley, Hampshire.  She explains why it is so effective.
“Bowen Therapy works because it releases stored energy within the body. Stored energy can cause dehydration of muscles and muscle tension. The Bowen moves release the blood trapped in these muscles and redistributes it throughout the body. Blood flow is vital as it carries all the nutrients and minerals our bodies need to maintain health and starve infections and diseases”.

Bowen healed what Physiotherapy couldn’t

After several years of chiropractic treatment and physiotherapy for major back problems Zania was relieved when three years ago she discovered Bowen Therapy.  After two sessions she now rarely suffers back pain. “I just knew I had to learn this incredible technique.  As a long term sufferer of pain and having little success with chiropractic or physiotherapy treatment I just could not believe such a simple yet gentle technique could cure me.  Now I want to tell the world about it.”

Bowen is unlike any other therapy

Bowen Therapy is unlike any other therapy because it addresses every system in the body and in the majority of cases can be treated in just a few sessions with permanent results.  The biggest benefit of Bowen Therapy is that newborn infants through to the elderly may enjoy the benefits of this gentle, effective and relaxing technique, and it is also greatly beneficial and can be performed on pregnant women.  Just a few small moves can relieve common back aches experienced by pregnant women.

"One day soon, not only will your doctor advise Physiotherapy or a Chiropractor, but he will insist you see a Bowen Practitioner" Zania says. "After all, Chiropractic medicine started the same way and now look at its acceptance as a necessary treatment".

To read more about the Bowen Technique and pregnant women read more....

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