Case Studies of The Bowen Technique

Below are case histories from Maheono clients. All clients have remained anonymous. Please note these are only a summary of the full case history.

Every month more case studies will be added.

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herniated disc (slipped disc)
36 yr old male woke early one morning and could hardly move. He was sore, stiff and in a lot of pain. After seeing a chiropractor and having diagnosed a herniated disc, he had three chiropractic treatments, but to no avail. He then tried Bowen Therapy.

The client was walking very slowly and it evident that it was a struggle to sit down. He was experiencing sharp pain in and around his lower back.

After the first treatment the client had 50% more movement and the pain had decreased greatly, he was able to sit and stand easily. His posture was normal with no misalignments. After a second session, he was back to normal. No further treatment was needed.

"After suffering for with such excruciating and debilitating pain it was incredible to get off the couch and have it almost disappear. By the time my second treatment came around I was only suffering small amounts of pain when bending over and trying to pick up things. Now I feel as good as normal. Thank you, thank you, thank you.........." Jan 2004

sporting injury
67 year old male suffering sharp pain above his right hip. The pain seems to intensify in the early morning after sleeping. As soon as the client gets out of bed he feels the sharp, jabbing pain. By lunch time the pain is minimal, and by tea time the pain is gone. He also has restricted movement in his hips.

The injury happened while playing indoor tennis, twisting to hit the ball (back hand). He has endured the pain for the last four weeks, putting muscle relaxing gels on to try to relieve the pain.

The first Bowen treatment released a lot of pressure around his pelvic region. The client felt very relaxed and at the end of the treatment felt a little more movement in his pelvis, particularly when turning to the left.

The day after the first treatment the client had no pain. However, the pain did return the second day only not as severe. By the end of the 7th day after the treatment the pain had returned to its original intensity (the client did however think it was because he played tennis the day before!).

After two treatments the client has not experienced this pain and is back to playing indoor tennis. He has full flexion in his hips and feels somehow healthier.

"I was so surprised at how gentle Bowen Therapy was, and how quickly I felt relief. I can't thank you enough for the treatment as I am back to playing my favorite sport. The next time I have an injury or pains I will certainly give you a call."

36 year old male suffering severe sciatica. The pain is constant and is sharp and intense (right side only). He has had trouble sleeping for several nights and is also constipated.

After treatment one he felt immediate relief from the sciatic pain. Lots of reactions occurred during the treatment (red spots on the surface of the skin where the tension was being released, warmth in his toes, tingling down his right leg). Client had pain in his left leg the night of the treatment however the following morning the pain was gone.

A second treatment was given seven days later to ensure the sciatica would not return.

Three months later the client has not experienced any sciatic pain at all.

"Thank you for the treatment you gave me over the last two weeks. After only a few moves I could literally feel the pain disappearing. I have been pain free since and am keen to enjoy frequent Bowen treatments for general relaxation."

Lower Back Pain
40 year old male suffered pain across entire lower back for over ten years. The pain was unexplained by doctors and was sporadic and inconsistent; sometimes a heat sensation, sometimes sharp pain, and occurs for no particular reason (usual causes can be twisting of posture, lifting something heavy, playing sport or other injuries). Initial cause of the pain is unknown.

Client has lived with the pain for the last ten years and has until recently had to take time off work because of the pain.

The client was experiencing pain at the time of the initial treatment. Immediately after the first Bowen session however, he noticed a change in his posture and the pain had gone entirely. However, a few hours later the pain returned and with increased intensity (this is a common reaction in Bowen clients) and that night he suffered headaches and felt very lethargic.

A few days later the pain disappeared for a few days. Just previous to the second Bowen treatment the pain returned again but with much less intensity than normally experienced.

At the end of the second treatment the pain in the lower back was still evident and the client felt very groggy. Two days later, the pain disappeared and has still not returned (some 7 months later).

"I had never heard of Bowen Therapy but after suffering with back aches for years I thought I would give it a go. I am really pleased at the results your treatment has given me. I can't believe it only took two treatments. If only I had known about Bowen Therapy ten years ago."




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