Articles on The Bowen Technique


The following are published articles on The Bowen Technique (Bowen Therapy) in the press. These articles have been sourced via the internet, magazines, newspapers etc. These articles are intended for information only.

Bowen In The News
An article published in The Daily Mail, March 2007.
An article published in The Sunday Times newspaper in 2003 on the benefits of The Bowen Technique with Asthma
An article published in the Massage Journal in 2003 on what is The Bowen Technique as well as several case studies
An article published in The Guardian newspaper on the benefits of The Bowen Technique and infertility. A must read for those trying for a baby.
An article published by The Journal of The American Dietetic Association on the importance of drinking water - a must read!
An article on the Back Care Charity web site
An article written by Maheono on the benefits of the Bowen Technique and Sports
An article about how celebrating the little things can have an huge effect on motivation, attitude and personal success





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