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I began my journey into this remarkable holistic therapy around 6 years ago. After years of failed chiropractic treatment my sister told me "you'd be insane not to try this therapy" - you see she had started using the Bowen Technique back home is Australia while she was pregnant with my first wee Nephew.

Fast forward to four years ago - I arrive in the UK to settle with my British hubby in the land of plenty and my pains get worse. After seeking Chiropractic treatment again.....and having my neck cracked (for the last time I might add) I relented and finally sought out a Bowen Therapist.

In Farnborough, Hampshire, there is this wonderful lady by the name of Ellen Cobb who on first treatment recognised that I had a coccyx problem. Nobody had ever mentioned my coccyx before........four treatments later I was absolutely pain free and signing up to learn this remarkable therapy that did, what Chiropractic treatment, Physiotherapy, Osteopathy and even my Doctor, could not do for me.

My passion for this therapy has grown ever deeper since that first treatment and I have now run my own private practic for three years and am currently specialising in Mothers and Babies, purely because of its incredible instantaneous success with both, babies in particular. See the Mothers and Babies section for further information on this.

Bowen Technique and Therapy for Dogs and Cats and AnimalsThe Bowen Technique has held more than a few treats for me professionally and in particular personally. It has helped me recover from emotional trauma (thanks to the coccyx procedue again), it has given me my pain free existance back, it has introduced me to like-minded passionate people, but best of all it has provided me with the opportunity to meet some incredible people, my clients, who have braved more than I ever did with their pains and discomfort, and who have taken that same brave step I did four years ago.....and gave Bowen a go!


These days I keep a very real perspective on how The Bowen Technique works..........I know it's effect is logical on the body......I know anatomically it just makes sense......but it will never cease to amaze me as to how it affects each and every individual body differently. I will never tire of having a client come to me on the third treatment and exclaim "the pain just vanished".....I totally empathise with that!

In future I only hope I can influence a few more people into giving Bowen Therapy a go as well as influence a few more body's into treating themselves.

Best wishes
Zania Ballentine
May 2006

oh...what's with the Frangipani your wondering? This flower is from back home Tropical Australia. To me this picture represents so many things (and so many memories) but the best of them is Purity, Strength, Independence and Just How Things Should nature intended!

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Reading, Sandhurst, Woking, Wokingham, Yateley and surrounds.

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