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The Bowen Technique

Our aim is to make the public aware of the immediate benefits Bowen Therapy can provide from numerous conditions, including those conditions that have been unsuccessfully treated by Chiropractic treatment, Physiotherapy, Massage, Accupuncture and more. We are dedicated to providing information on general health and well being from across the globe and delivering first class resources to Bowen enthusiasts internationally.

Maheono is proactive in its mission to create and maintain a Bowen Therapists community where information resources are collected and made widely available to Bowen Therapists world wide. This community is dedicated to the research, case histories and knowledge sharing of Bowen Therapists around the world, both practitioners and students alike.

NLP and life coaching

Maheono also provide first class Training in NLP for public and private. For more information see the website at www.nlp.maheono.com.

Maheono NLP Training is an accredited training and consulting company. We specialise in the development of, teaching and the application of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). We deliver NLP techniques and business courses that are applicable for sales, management, communication, and coaching (life and executive), as well as in teaching, sports, the arts, therapy and personal development.

Situated on the borders between Hampshire, Berkshire and Surrey nr. to London, we are ideally placed to offer NLP training with the attitude of a city but within an idyllic country location.

The Harmony of Self

We set ourselves apart to deliver to you a personal coaching experience that will transform your life and those around you. Immerse yourself in our coaching programme and create for yourself an extraordinarily rich new beginning.

Learn more – Personal Life Coaching

For Clubs, Associations and Businesses

If you are interested in seeing how the Bowen Technique or NLP can help you, your staff or your members phone 01252 861351 today and book your free talk by an experienced therapist. We come to you. Terms and Conditions apply.

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Would your office benefit from Bowen Therapy. Are you part of an NCT group or Babies group that couldBowen Treatments for Mothers and Babies Poster benefit?

Download your free poster on Bowen Therapy or a Mothers and Babies Bowen Therapy here. Click on the appropriate picture to download your .pdf document now.

Help make more people aware of the amazing effects of The Bowen Technique (Bowen Therapy). Print the Promotional Poster so you can display it in your business, sports hall, Local Library etc.

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Are you a therapist who could benefit from a poster? Maheono can supplement your details in this poster for you to print out and distribute. Please note Maheono reserves copyright on the above designs. Contact Maheono for further information.

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